Welcome to #innerwork a compilation of personal development & growth companion workbook, helping you in;

  • Review your life from all different aspect of life
  • Rediscover what is your life experience
  • Deep question guide you in re-discover your life purpose
  • Guide on how to envision your future ideal lifestyle
  • Plan on how you can re-design a better version of you
  • What is limiting your growth
  • What is the limited belief you have to shed off
  • Action plan on how to get yourself closer towards your ideal self

About The Founder

This framework is compiled and designed by Jonath Lee, the founder of RenerQi – Life Transformation Discover, and JLEX Creative. A passionate personal growth and development coach who re-discover his life after going through a massive depression and life changing experience.

After invested and going through huge amount of hours in personal growth and development program and finally here I have compiled some of the important questions, guidelines and set of work planner in different aspect of life.

The Mission

Help humanity rediscover their life, their purpose, goal, and installing brand new mindset and habit into becoming a better version of them.

As the education world remain stagnant, overly amplifying complexity of subject which neglects the importance of human basic needs, from how to think, react, communicate, handle stress, breakups, divorce and whole lot more basic humanity needs. For this, comes the #innerwork which is designed to address this layer of self learning and self-coaching.

The Goal

Ultimately we aimed to create and simplify personal growth into a application manner so you spend lesser but important time for your own self to redesign yourself from time to time. Making this the best personal development companion and ultimate movement.

Personal Growth Framework

This #innerwork would definitely be one of the most important layer in everyone’s life, being aware of what you want and how you want to make it happen, overcome your fear and how to shift your mindset to complete abundance.

If you have any idea, improvement, comment or critics please feel free to send me a message or do join our Facebook Group to get involved in personal growth journey together in designing a better you in 2021.